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'Delighting Customers Is ...', is an illustrative business book that comes as a breath of fresh air. It is a collection of well researched one liners that delve into the philosophy of customer service using 202 thought provoking illustrations. It is all about the nuances of delighting customers. 

As the saying goes, in this book, every picture speaks a thousand words. You will not find pages and pages of text, volumes of dreary information, graphs or case studies. While it may seem 'quick read', it is also a 'think more' book. For, behind every illustration that seems light banter, there is a serious message hidden in 'WOWing" your customer.  This is a book for each and every individual in any organisation, irrespective of hierarchy. To make it reader friendly, all efforts were taken to make sure that any page you open, gives a message on ways to serve and delight your customers.

You can get your hands on this book on Amazon and in India.

This is what two of my editors had to say about the book

"There's a sense of deja vu in this 'jest-a-minute' book of one-liners that's graced with excellent illustrations. It will motivate, empower, teach and build relations even as it raises a laugh. Gangadhar's raw first book is told simply and with genuine concern for the customer"

Patrick Michael, Executive Editor, Khaleej Times 

"For hidden in each page is a subtle, albeit sublime message; deceivingly simple, yet replete with the most vital contemporary mantras on customer service and satisfaction. Good customer service yields satisfied customers; satisfied and happy customers are good for any business. A child can say that! Agreed! But the sheer nuances that go into generating this kind of a customer-friendly corporate environment has to be told by a comprehensive professional who has spent decades of his life dealing with this aspect of running a business.

And this is where you sit back satisfied that the right book is written by the right author!"

Manjula Ramakrishnan, Editor / Journalist. Co-founder:

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