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'delightingcustomers' is launched with the sole purpose to further 'service and satisfaction' initiatives.

It evolved from challenging experiences while serving customers in a multitude of industries such as travel, airlines, retail banking, courier services and credit management, spread over different countries as India, Australia and United Arab Emirates. The interest turned passion resulted in regular columns appearing in leading English dailies and touching the core of any successful business.

It also owns a copyright from the UAE Ministry of Economy and covered under the Indian Copyright Law for its theory on service excellence, that can be viewed by clicking the link below.


This is a simple but powerful concept for any organisation to apply. A concept, that ensures service excellence, delighted customers and more business. 

The portal strives to think out of the box and develop business by purely focussing on excellent service.

The mission ahead is to serve committed clients worldwide and take them to a realm of service that leaves competition far behind.

Please take some time to go thru my website and when you are ready to delight your customers give me a call. For, together we can give service more meaning in business. Together we can ensure Sales heaps and Service reaps.

Thank you and Cheers

Gangaadhar Krishna
Mobile : +91 99877 67162
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"Sales heaps but Service reaps"

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Gangaadhar Krishna

phone: +91 99877 67162

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