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Service is that action performed with the sole purpose of bringing happiness and a smile - reactions that stem from satisfaction. Nobody escapes service and satisfaction.

A company services to satisfy its customers, get them delighted and come back again bringing in more customers. The sole objective of any business is to maintain a good image, ensure growth and profitability.

For an employee, rendering good service means growth in addition to security and stability, as his performance plays a vital role in helping the company meet their objectives, for their expansion and growth.

As a matter of fact it is a way of life. A child ecstatic with her doll, the wife taking care of the house, the man striving for a comfortable lifestyle for his family and himself, helping your Grandpa cross the road, picking your mothers suitcase, explaining a math problem to your friend and many similar day-to-day activities are examples where service and satisfaction touch your life. Consciously or subconsciously one experiences it every minute, every hour, every day and all through ones life.

Beyond an excellent product at a great price, customers have many requirements, some subtle others not so subtle, some which they maybe unaware of themselves. Understanding and meeting them, giving them more than they expect, getting them raving about your company is what 'delightingcustomers' is all about. It is no magic or rocket science. It is pure focus and understanding of customers.

The articles that revolve around delighting customers could help understand better those customer expectations, meet it and take you to the pinnacle of success.

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