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How many have resolved to quit working from 01Jan, put away their working clothes and retire early. If you have, then you don't have to read further. But for those who have to get to work on 2nd Jan, for those who have no choice, (I don't mean to sound depressing) I urge you to make a few resolutions you can keep and get better, by the day. If you have to work, then might as well do a good job of it.

These four simple resolutions followed diligently will only lead to a win-win situation.


Remember 'You have never lost your smile, it's right under your nose. You just forgot it was there.' Hence give your customer (internal and external) a warm and friendly smile.

It is the magical key that fits the lock to everybody's heart. A smile is like opening your arms to embrace your customer. It is welcoming him to your establishment. It is thanking him for walking in. It does not cost you anything to give a smile. It is a gesture that if you resolve to keep, will only add value, to your face and your establishment.

A smile is the least that every customer expects when he walks in.


Get in his moccasins. Go along with him to know what he really wants. Make him feel comfortable.

Bob with a smile : Sir, how can I help you. My name is Bob.

King : Oh, my name is King and I am looking for a desktop

Bob : Do you have any specific requirements Mr. King

King ; Yes, it should have .....

Bob : Desktops with your requirements are over here. These are the various models

King : That saves a lot of time. Let me go through them and decide

Bob : Most certainly, if you need any clarifications I am around

Successful service agents are those who understand the customer and their needs. If you have the ability to understand his requirements and meet it, what more can he ask for. You have saved him a lot of effort and time. You have answers almost as soon as he has questions. He would not want to go elsewhere and start the process of explaining himself all over again. You have now made his life easy by knowing and meeting his requirements.

Bear in mind you have made him feel important. Again this is what every customer expects.


If you can smile and understand your customer needs, then going the extra mile is not a tall order. All that it needs is a sprinkle of positive attitude.

Give him something more than he expects. Surprise him. Leave him wondering about the unexpected extra. This of course requires one to be observant and come with ways and means to exceed customer expectations. Identify problems and concerns. Come with solutions that would make him more than happy. Understand his need of the hour and do that little more. Every establishment sells the same product at the same price. No big deal. But what the customer would remember you by and recommend you to others is that little extra he experienced with you. Little extras go a long way in business development.

Little extras do not have to be monetary. They need not make a dent in your profits. Showing concern, suggesting an idea or concept, coordinating logistics, follow up after a sale all constitute extras that he may have never expected. And all it costs is attitude.

Bob : Mr. King I am happy you purchased a product of higher value. It gives you peace of mind. And here is a multi-plug extension cord with compliments from us. It gives flexibility of moving your desktop around and add peripherals in future.

King : That's very thoughtful

Bob : Here is my card. Call me anytime you need help.


Bob : Thank you for visiting us. Look forward to seeing you again.

It is important to move to the next customer when one has departed. This is more critical in high volume business. But do not forget to thank each and every customer who has taken the effort to step in to your establishment. Irrespective whether he purchased or not, you have to thank him for merely walking in, for this could be the start.

Many delighted customers feel let down when they want to thank the salesman but the salesman is nowhere to be seen to reciprocate the feeling. After a sale the customer has become history. The customer though happy makes an unceremonious exit. He then wonders if that was all sweet talk.

Every 'thank you' gives opportunity for another visit. As important it is to welcome him with a smile it is equally important to bid farewell with a thank you.

Resolve to just smile, understand your customer, go the extra mile and thank him and you would be a hero, for your customer, your establishment and most certainly for yourself.

Give service a meaning in business.

Wish you a Happy New Year.



What are my customer expectations? Can I satisfy them? What more can I do? How best to send him off delighted?


Be observant on what customers expect. Have a positive attitude while dealing with your customers. Keep your ears and eyes open. Think of little gestures that will help make it better. Remember they are your 'CUSTOMERS' and not 'CUSS-TO-ME'




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