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The bottom line to customer service is to ensure satisfaction and make the customer feel happy and content. But to ensure a happy customer you have to be happy yourself. A positive gesture is invariably rewarded similarly.

Our attitudes and behaviour are transmitted to customers daily. You could perform the acts of service but there is a huge difference between being service oriented and behaving service oriented. Any customer can pick up our energies, enthusiasm and attitudes within moments of initial contact.

It's very transparent. You will definitely not land up with a happy customer if you are stressed or depressed with a problem. You cannot be fully focused and this, in all certainty will reflect in your dealings. Whether you communicate in person, by phone, email, fax etc it will show.

Problems could be many. Financial, home, spouse, a child's ill health. Maybe with a fellow employee or your boss itself.


To overcome such situations it is important to work on our attitudes first. Feel good about yourself. Give a 'pat' on your back for a job you consider well done. Your boss may or may not have appreciated your efforts. Do not wait for someone to recognise your performance. So what if people are blind.

So long, as I ensured a satisfied customer.

So long, as I am convinced that I did the right thing.

I did a good job. It's great stuff. Yes - this is pulling yourself together.

Overcoming adversities and going beyond makes one successful. This is what differentiates you from the rest. A good attitude and an ability to boost your own esteem keeps you ahead of the rest. A cheerful nature definitely helps. An ability to convert a situation from grim to humour is a qualification by itself while servicing customers.

It is important to perform well. Not for recognition or promotion. Not for the 'pat' by the boss. But for your own selfish desires to prove that you can be focused on the job. This is only going to build your confidence to perform better. You can say it with pride to your peers, superiors or even to another organisation that, you can and have done it. This is what moulds managers from service agents.

Customer's gain is company's gain. And a happy employee is an important and vital link between a satisfied customer and a company's success. Make sure he is kept in the right spirits.


If you happen to be in a supervisory or managerial position it is important to develop the skill of appreciation and encouragement. Everybody without exception starves for recognition. Give timely praise. Let it be positive, sincere and genuine.

Great service leaders are those who manage to keep their employees feeling good. They understand that employees will be more productive and perform better when they feel good about themselves.

In the same breath it is important to bear in mind that should you really be in the dumps, then stay away from customers. Take a break for a few hours or for the day. Do some filing, update your personal data, clear piling papers. Anything but getting in contact with customers. For it is better not to perform than to perform badly. It is no fun to be left with a sour taste in the mouth.

A perfect example would be the entertainers we see during the shopping festival. They bring loads of fun and frolic to the young and old alike. Are they not at sometime or at some point stressed out? How do they still mange to keep the show going? They could be the epitome of maintaining a frame of mind that ensures total customer satisfaction.



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