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How many of you and how many times, have heard this phrase? I'LL CALL BACK. How many of you are still waiting for that call back?

I remember calling my bank as I had not received my net banking password. Surprisingly they couldn't find my request hence asked me to register once again. I did and waited for another 10days. No news. Hence I called again. The lady mercilessly put me on hold for 4 long minutes and then nonchalantly replies 'The system is not reflecting your password status'. Suppressing my frustration I asked 'When will I receive the password'. She said 'I'll check and call back'. This was almost a year ago and I still have not heard from her or the bank nor received my password. Though I lost all hopes and gave up, the story is vivid to keep repeating every time I hear the phrase 'I'll call back'


'I'll call back' is a statement that evokes contrasting emotions, casual to one but gospel to the other. While one takes it matter-of-factly the other has all hopes pinned to it. A callback if valued works wonders in delighting customers and otherwise turns criminal. A crime most of us are guilty of.

The quickest and convenient way to get rid of the customer is 'I'll check and call back'. It is handy when do not have the answer. And if he didn't catch your name, good for you for he can't trace you and will call again to clear his query with someone else. Why invite trouble? Why bell the cat?


Every time you tell a customer you will check and call back, you put him at ease. He feels you are still interested in his business. He feels assured you will sort his problem. If you call back you have met his expectations and he feels relieved, for 2 reasons (1) you solved his problem (2) he can trust you to take care of his future needs.


Image or reputation is built layer upon layer of meeting and exceeding expectations. Hence in the first instance it maybe 'that's the least they can do'. The second being 'I am expecting a call back'. The third 'I am sure they will call back'. And then 'they've never let me down ... I am rest assured they'll keep me updated'. This goes on till you have customers eating out of your hand.


If you have committed to call back then do so. For, on the other end is someone who has taken your words literally and is waiting for your reply. You ought to take it equally seriously and revert back to him. You let him down and he'll surely narrate his experience every time your company is mentioned. It is natural. This has become such a loose statement and taken for granted that if a customer actually gets a call back he is surprised. When he gets a call back and his requirement taken care of he will go telling all of how efficient and customer focused you are. Either ways it is word-of-mouth advertising where customers become walking talking billboards for your business. Use it to your advantage.


I recently called a multinational bank to convert my existing term deposit from 3months @ 5.5% to 9months at @ 6%. Amit at their call center was proactive in working the interest and explaining the process. He said I had to visit the branch to break the deposit and make a new deposit over the phone. He further offered to call back once the deposit was broken and help with the new deposit. And as promised he called after 48hrs to check on the new deposit.

Now here was an agent who called back and met my expectation, who enhanced the image of the bank, helped in business development and was professional in his service.

To satisfy customers it is said 'do it right, the first time, every time'. But if ever you need to clarify or confirm and call back, then you are asking for a second chance. Don't let that slip? Call back and capture.



Did I tell the customer that I would check or confirm and call back? If so, when?

Do I need to update my product knowledge and processes to serve the customer right the first time thereby avoiding a call back.


Keep a note of every commitment of a call back along with the agreed time. (PC's, mobiles, laptops all help with reminders)

Check, clarify, confirm and in the bargain get enlightened.

Call back on the agreed time.

Feel good yourself and ...... Delight your customer.




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