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Many Services might seem menial but is actually very meaningful! 

When you take your Nissan car for service to Arabian Automobiles in Dubai, you first meet Aslam as you drive in. He greets you with a “Good Morning sir – You have come for a service?” Yes “Do you have an appointment sir?” Yes “Welcome sir!’ and he puts a roof top block on your car.


He seems to be a person of few words but plays a key role in initiating the process of customer satisfaction. One normally interacts with him for a brief 30-60 seconds but in that short period of time he makes you feel welcome at the service center. While service advisors are busy checking and booking in vehicles, he has acknowledged your presence. A gesture that could normally be taken for granted but in retrospection would leave one wondering about the importance given to customers in the absence of this brief encounter. Having acknowledged your presence he provides respite before a service advisor can attend to your vehicle.


Satisfied that you are at the right place you then see a team of busy and efficient service advisors. ‘Busy’ because they have to book all the vehicles that have come for service with or without an appointment. Customers invariably are in a hurry to leave the vehicle and get going with their day. Hence time is a constraint. ‘Efficient’ because they have to keep the process of customer satisfaction in place. Service has to be similar or even better than what was experienced as they drove in.


You now meet an advisor who logs in the services required and hears you out on any problem that requires special attention. While all their advisors are excellent in handling customers you could request for a particular advisor. By meeting Dinesh Rochiramani for all my service, he is aware of my vehicle history and problems. He understands the customer, his needs and apprehensions. This helps build a rapport that is mutually beneficial.


While all this might seem to be a routine exercise to an advisor, the courtesies vary depending on the vehicle, its problem and the customer himself. There are customers who are particular about every little detail in their vehicle. There are others who drive well but technically non-savvy. Then we have those with big and powerful vehicles but unaware of special maintenance requirements. Don’t forget the rapidly increasing percentage of lady drivers.


And to meet this segment of the market they have a lady service advisor. While this might seem a bit out of place in a local automobile service environment, it reflects on customer focus. It surely would be a big comfort for many lady drivers as they might be in a position to relate better to a lady service advisor making the communication process more effective and, helps to service the customer and their vehicle better.


After handing over your vehicle, the biggest comfort offered to customers is the complimentary taxi service to reach your destination anywhere in the city - an arrangement with a leading taxi company. You hence do not have to look for taxis as they are lined up during peak hours. You can collect a voucher to wherever you wish to go from the service center. The maximum fare offered in the voucher comfortably covers your travel within city limits. By understanding and taking care that you reach your destination, they save you the trouble of looking for a taxi or making alternate arrangements. You also leave in the same cool condition and frame of mind that you arrived in.


Now isn’t that putting customers first?



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