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Every business under the sun is a partnership venture. Even a one-man show has a partner responsible for his success and growth. You cannot do without these partners. Business success is determined by how you and your partners perform. Like it or not your partners play a part in your business objectives, determine your strategies, lay down policies, expansion, diversification - you name it and you have them around telling you what to do and how to do it. You just cannot shake them off. These resolute partners are your customers and your employees.

Employees act as working partners as it is they who cater to all customer requirements. Their actions and kind of service determine satisfaction. This means they have to perform well at all times. This further means they need to be adequately charged at all times. Motivation is essential to keep the spark in the employee. Your employees have to think, feel and act as you would do and render similar or better service to your customers. For if they do well then your business does well. An employee bubbling with enthusiasm and energy having a passion for his work transmits similar exuberance to your customers as only a happy employee makes delighted customers. The reverse is not only harmful and dangerous but is certainly disastrous.

'Keep him happy and he will take care of your customer.'

Your customers are your business partners as it is they who help you meet your objectives and targets. A satisfied customer works for you by repeating his business. Satisfied customers also act as advocates for products and services they approve of, influencing other people to purchase from the same companies. Hence they bring in new customers. He is now taking your business further and helping you expand. If he is with you, you are heading towards your goal. You can never do without this partner and his goodwill. 'Keep him delighted and he will bring in more business.'

One of the most important players in this partnership is the employer or owner. He is responsible for the success of his business. His actions determine the direction the business is heading. For this he primarily has to understand his working partners without whose help the entire exercise is beaten. He needs to treat and train his employees well. He has to be fair in all his actions. He is solely responsible for keeping them motivated and happy. Other than salary being a motivating factor, a pat on the back, a promotion, a birthday greeting, timely compliment, showing trust and faith, throwing a responsibility and many more such simple and inexpensive gestures help in keeping employees happy to be working with you. Cultivate an environment where your employees are even more concerned about customer satisfaction than the company itself. To achieve this you need to walk the talk. For, it is the action of the employer that sets in motion, the chain reaction of ...
'Happy employees make delighted customers who return to make the business a success.'

Mr. King is so delighted dealing with Kris that he goes to him like a homing pigeon for all his requirements. This is because Kris has Bob and Anita employed in his company. Bob and Anita are the bubbling and enthusiastic lot who are ever ready to service customers. The prime reason being, the way Kris treats all his employees. He motivates them at every given opportunity. He ensures they are always charged. There is never a dull moment working here. Understanding the company's ethics Bob and Anita take decisions on behalf of Kris in his absence. In turn Kris rolls up his sleeve should there be an emergency. Bob and Anita advice Kris on improvement possibilities. Kris listens patiently and tries to implement. There is perfect understanding while dealing with their customers. Kris treats them more like partners than employees. They love their job and their work place. Bob and Anita would not want to work in any other place. Similarly with such good service King has no reason to complain nor go elsewhere. Furthermore he proudly recommends Kris's establishment to all his friends and relatives who have also turned loyal customers, all because they get excellent service from Kris's employees. 

When employer partners with employee and together they ensure a satisfied customer who brings in more business you have a healthy tri-partnership in place to keep your business growing and successful. Try it - it works.



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