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This statement might seem absurd. I agree. When this thought came to my mind I felt similar. But no sooner I started giving this some serious thought, than I felt that it made sense. It is not as absurd as it seems initially.

It is said that the best advocates for any business are its customers. And word of mouth is still the best form of advertising. Also I truly believe 'Sales Heaps but Service Reaps'. Any amount of sales is useless if your service is mediocre or poor. You can spend a lot on marketing strategies and sales promotions. You can budget for sales training and honing negotiation skills. But, if your back office does not stand up to sales promises, all that money and effort is wasted.

So why not utilise that amount in developing the service culture in the organisation? Raise your service standards to such levels that 'dissatisfied customers' do not exist in the company's dictionary. Train each and every employee irrespective of hierarchy on the importance of customer service. Make them conscious of their functions. Educate them on how their words and actions play a big role in customer satisfaction. If the organisation works on 'think customer', 'think satisfaction' model, it would go a long way in WOWing their existing customers to repeat their business and bring along referrals. You take excellent care of your customers and assign the sales function to them.



It is natural for customers to bawl about bad service and brag about great service.


And this has become possible many folds, thanks to social media. Today adults spend an average 15hours a week on the net. And 83% of all companies use Facebook. Given the power of social media, use it to your advantage by offering excellent service and let the customer do all the talking.


Amazon aims to be the most customer centric organisation in the planet all because of their seamless service.  Having said that, I am sure there would be a few who would not mind trying them out. And if they are happy they would repeat, share and refer.


Take care of your customers and let them take care of your business because Sales Heaps but Service Reaps.



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