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Today I was writing a letter on behalf of another organization I am collaborating with and, was wondering on how I should sign off. After some thought, I felt I should sign off as ‘Ambassador’.

This got me thinking. If only every organization had one designation for all employees in the company! Wouldn’t that be great? I know that sounds bizarre. But just imagine, if every employee had a business card with Ambassador – MnO Apparels printed on it with his position.

What would be the impact on the employee with a designation of Ambassador? The word ambassador carry’s a very different connotation. Like it or not, the word itself gives a sense of pride. Ambassadors are people who represent and talk about the company in a positive way, in front of potential customers and their friends and family. It is a responsibility given to every employee of the company. Ambassador sounds better than the cliché ‘face of the organization’ or ‘representative’. It shows more oneness, a sense of belonging and engagement. Imagine a business card that says Ambassador – MnO Apparels and below that is Chairman and another that says Ambassador – MnO Apparels, Finance Manager, Ambassador – MnO Apparels, Accountant and a fourth with Ambassador – MnO Apparels, safety officer and so on.


Often we hear ‘each and every employee from the chairman to the charwoman is an Ambassador of the company’. Well, if so, flaunt it! This common designation could create a bonding for all to work with a common goal. This means every employee irrespective of hierarchy, carries a business card that he could share with people outside the organization.


To try and get a sense of togetherness, we need to ensure each and every employee gets that feeling of belonging to the organization, a feeling of importance that he has a role to play in developing the organization. ‘I am not laying bricks I am building a mansion.’


And what is the impact on the customer? How does he see an organization full of ambassadors?

Oh, they must have made a mistake!


Wow, I am impressed!!



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